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It's finally here. My first solo album. For years, I've been setting out to make a solo album over and over again but I could never really create material that'd express my feelings in an authentic way. Somehow I always ended up asking myself whether what I made would impress other musicians or not.

Cue the spring of 2017, a difficult time for me, where, during some beat-making, I realised that this was my way of to honestly express my emotions through music: Sitting down and producing music; Without inhibitions; Without trying to please.

After some more fiddling around, I decided that this would become the basis for my actual first solo record and set out to work on more material.

Throughout my life, I have realized that my most profound and life-changing decisions have always been made on an emotional basis... And abandoning the thought of making a "record for musicians" was just that.

Freeing myself of the burden of trying to please musicians with my music rekindled my creativity and within half a year, "The Push" was pretty much complete.

This album is a true glimpse into my feelings during the last two years - emotionally charged songs deal with ups, downs, urges, and desires. Most importantly though, "The Push" is an ode to moving forward.

Of course, it once again features my long time friend and incredible singer Ella O'Brien-Coker: Both in the two songs off of my 2015 single which I drastically re-worked for this album, and for a deeply personal rendition of the Little Dragon song "Twice" closing out the album.

On "Woodshed" and "Basement Meditation", I am joined by Relaén drummer Leon Raum.

I sincerely hope you'll enjoy this record and that you can find yourself in some of these songs. That is what makes music worthwhile to me.




/ credits

Christopher Bolte - Bass, Synths, Percussion, Guitar, Programming
Ella O Brien Coker - Vocals (6, 8, 10)
Leon Raum - Drums (2, 3)
Olive Yahh (Relaén) - Piano (4)
Gregor Lener - Trumpet (4)

All pieces written by Christopher Bolte with the exception of the following:
"Let me go" and "Oblivion" written by Ella O'Brien Coker and Christopher Bolte
"Twice" written by Yukimi Nagano

/ acknowledgements

First off, I'd like to thank my wonderful  fiancé, Sarah, without whom I don't think I would've had the strength to finish this record. Secondly, I want to thank both my own family who have always had my back and supported me pursuing my dreams.
Lastly, huge thanks go out to all those professors who have had a great impact on who I've become as a musician: Victor Bailey (R.I.P.), Oscar Stagnaro, Dave Buda, Ruthie Ristich, Victor Wooten, Achim Seifert, Arnd Geise, Pratt Bennett.

    Special thanks also go out to the companies who supported me so passionately and have always expressed sincere trust in me and my musical vision. Without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am today!