My name is Chris Bolte and I'm a sound designer and
audio mixing & mastering engineer based in Boston, MA.

I want to put my 20 years of recording experience and musical ear to use and create sounds for your amazing games! Immersive audio has become a newfound passion of mine and I have experience mixing music and audio in Atmos as well as the equipment to record Ambisonic soundscapes and SFX.

My favorite games are Outer Wilds, Red Dead Redemption 2, Stray, and Mega Man Legends 2. Besides audio and games, I love to cycle, travel, learn about astronomy, and work on occasional electronics projects like restoring my reel-to-reel multitrack recorder.

Have fun checking out my portfolio below and let's talk soon!

Still listening?

I also mix and master music professionally. Here's a playlist.

Finally, here is a playlist showcasing some of the musical sample libraries and sound packs I've created.
(They are available through bolttracks.com and A Sound Effect, and they have been downloaded over 10,000 times thus far.)
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