Hi there!

I'm Chris Bolte, a sound designer and audio mixing & mastering engineer based in the greater Boston area with 20 years of sound recording experience.

I've prepared this portfolio for you to give you an impression of my sound design and mixing work as well as showcase some of the music I've worked on. In case you're interested, this page also showcases my sound design work for music in the form of sample libraries.

Besides audio, I enjoy cycling, cooking, video games, and occasional DIY projects like restoring the tape machine you see behind me.

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This reel features complete sound redesigns of a handful of AAA age trailers and gameplay sequences.

more sound design & post

Natalia Mateo
De Profundis EPK

Dialog editing & mixing

Killjoy Character Reveal

Trailer Sound Redesign
(with gameplay)

VALORANT ©2020 Riot Games, Inc.
I'll never pass up an opportunity to design sounds for some nifty robots! Also features some fat sounding guns.

Overwatch 2
Zero Hour Cinematic

Trailer Sound Redesign
Overwatch 2 ©2022 Blizzard Entertainment
A giant mech, explosions, and futuristic guns. What's not to love?

music mixing & mastering

Apple Music


Live & acoustic recordings