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Welcome to my little online portfolio! I assembled this page to give you an overview over some pieces of work that I feel describe my musical facets as well as possible.

I intentionally put many different recordings in various styles on here to give you as broad as possible of an impression of what I do. Probably the most important part of my philosophy as a musician is to stay as musically open minded as possible and being able to draw inspiration from anything that comes my way.

Most of the work you will find on this page not only features me as an instrumentalist – in most cases I have also been responsible for mixing and mastering – and in some cases videography as well.

To find what you want to listen to I would suggest that you take a look through all titles on here and pick the ones that intrigue you the most.


Sincerely yours,

Christopher Bolte

Some quick numbers

Years of performing onstage
concerts played in Germany, Austria, Poland and the US
albums produced
Individual bass and gear demos recorded for clients such as BassTheWorld, TonePedia, Taurus Amplification, and more...

More info

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Solo Album “The Push”

My first solo album “The Push” represents an important period of time for me as a musician and person. I wrote, recorded and produced this album right after finishing college in Germany and while waiting for my immigration papers to join my wife in the United States. More info

The Dreamerz

THE DREAMERZ are 11 musicians that found each other at Berklee College of Music and decided only a few weeks into their attendance of the college that they needed to make music together.

What resulted was a mix of pop, fusion and carribean music routing from the vastly different cultural and musical origins of each of the members.

These two recordings where produced in two Berklee studio sessions as well as some private recording sessions in practice rooms and our homes. Besides playing, mixing and mastering, I also filmed all of the DSLR footage and edited the videos.


While I am involved in research and development of musical equipment, I also am representing my partner companies in advertisements of several varieties. Here are a few.

Solo transcriptions & covers

All the videos you can find here have been filmed during my time at Berklee and represent the most recent work that I have recorded.

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Dirty Loops "Circus" solo on bass 🙂

Just a quick one from the shed 🙂

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Sonntag, 6. September 2015

Graham Central Station – Pow / Bass Cover…and here’s another one just because it’s such a fun tune to play… Hats off to the mighty Larry Graham for doing all this while dancing and singing!!!Also you might hear why I think this bass is my ultimate studio workhorse… For me it just works for every genre that there is!

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Montag, 30. November 2015

Dirty Loops – Crash and Burn Delight // BASS COVERSo when was the last time the bass part of a ballad blew you out of your seat? For me that was definitely when I first listened to Dirty Loops’ “Crash and Burn Delight”! Henrik Linder’s bass part on this is #MASSIVE!!!There’s also some great octaver use here that I tried to emulate ;)Also trying out MagicLantern on my Canon right now and really loving the look of it 🙂

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Al Jarreau - Boogie Down / Short Bass Cover

It's back to the #80s with a little #basscover of this classic by the amazing Al Jarreau 🙂

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Michael Jackson - Get on the Floor / BASS COVER

What a fun warmup tune :)A little tribute to the genius of both Michael Jackson and Louis Johnson - May you rest in in peace!

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Sonntag, 27. September 2015
Hermeto Pascoal - Frevo Em Maceió / Bass Cover

Something completely different for a change... This is one of the pieces Oscar Stagnaro recently showed me and it's so much fun to play that I decided to make a video of it 🙂

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Jeff Berlin - If I were a Bell // Bass solo transcription

Mornin' :)Still tryna figure out good fingerings for this solo 😀

Posted by Christopher Bolte on Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Rheingold Trio - Papa Was A Rolling Stone


Posted by Rheingold Trio on Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

playing with jazz ensembles

These are a few examples of me playing in jazz ensembles. The material could mostly be classified as “contemporary” and employs many different odd time signatures. All mixing and mastering was done by me.

ALL recordings in this section are live recordings.

Gear Demos & Solo work

A big part of what I did during the last few years was gear demos in both video and audio form. I have played in multiple videos for and TonePedia as well as several companies including Taurus Amplification and Flexx Basses.

This summer I also recorded over 600 individual audio demos of around 40 basses for the new TonePedia website in cooperation with Germany’s largest music store JustMusic. This site is currently still in development but will go live soon.

Work with Natalia Mateo

The band “Natalia Mateo” ( was founded back in 2013. Up until that point I have already played with Natalia for several years and we felt that it was time to found a professional project and get our music out there.

Within the first 4 months we put together a program of original songs and arrangements of traditional Polish folk songs and recorded our first album “You” (see information on releases below) at the “Institut fuer Musik der Hochschule Osnabrueck”. The mixing, post-production and mastering was all done by me in three different studios.

Besides that I am also taking care of the web design, merchandise design and PR layout.

In the spring of 2014 we got signed by ACT Music, one of Europe’s most important Jazz labels.

I also took the roll of the musical director of the band on several occasions and developed a demanding rehearsal schedule to meet the market’s demands and to get new material together quickly and efficiently. I also contributed to some of the arrangements (most notably “Somebody’s Watching Me” which was entirely arranged by me).

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Natalia Mateo – Trudno (Trad. Polish folk song) / Live @ JazzAhead Bremen (German TV)

ALBUM: Natalia Mateo – De Profundis

Release: Spring 2015

Label: ACT Music

Produced by the band, recorded at RecPublica Studios in Lubrza – Poland. ProTools engineer: Christopher Bolte

Natalia Mateo – Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell Cover, Arr. by me) / Live @ JazzAhead Bremen (German TV)

ALBUM: Natalia Mateo – Heart of Darkness

Release: Spring 2015

Label: ACT Music

Produced by the band, recorded at Fattoria Musica Osnabrueck, engineered by Klaus Scheuermann

Winner of the 2016 ECHO JAZZ for “Best Newcomer”

ALBUM: Natalia Mateo – You

Release: Fall 2013

Produced, mixed and mastered by Christopher Bolte. Artwork by Christopher Bolte