Antelope Audio’s Studio Talks – Zen Tour

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Hey guys!

Back in March of this year, I met with the guys of Antelope Audio at the London Bass Guitar show to share some thoughts about their awesome Zen Tour Thunderbolt/USB audio interface.

I’ve been using the Zen Tour for quite some time now and I’m still amazed at the quality and the amount of features they managed to put in such a small footprint. For bass players, guitarists, vocalists, or any other musicians/producers who are traveling a lot, this is just the BEST interface out there – especially considering its price point.

It offers 4 hi-Z inputs, 4 high-end mic preamps, 2 re-amp outputs, 2 discrete high-end headphone amps, 2 stereo monitor outs, 8 analog outs over D-Sub (great for mixing with outboard gear!), 2 ADAT ins and 2 ADAT outs (up to 16 extra channels!), and Antelope’s incredible FPGA chip allowing you to run vintage modelled plugins (from EQs and compressors to guitar amps) in real time without any latency!

Pair this with stellar conversion up to 192 kHz and incredible dynamic range (120dB on all ins and outs, 129 dB on the monitor outs with dedicated converters), and you have the makings of one of the hottest interfaces out there! It transcends the realm of the portable interface by providing such high-quality conversion that even surpasses most stationary solutions that come at several times the price!

Check it out!!!


Musikmesse incoming!

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It’s that time of year again where Germany’s most famous music trade show, the “Musikmesse”, takes place.

I will be there for the entirety of the show representing and demonstrating for Antelope Audio who are located at Booth E26 in Hall E.

I am looking forward to show off Antelope’s amazing line of audio interfaces, D-A/A-D converters, master clocks, and more! Also be sure to check out their brand new Zen Studio+ Thunderbolt & USB interface which is a seriously amazing and versatile piece of kit that can handle pretty much any recording situation you throw at it!


Natalia Mateo’s “De Profundis” OUT NOW!

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I’m beyond excited to tell you that today is the day the third Natalia Mateo album “De Profundis” (latin: “From the Depths”) hits stores and online outlets across the globe!

It is our third album as a band and the second one to be released on the prestigious label ACT Music, and it has been a labour of love and dedication.

I can say for certain that “De Profundis” is our most adventurous, diverse, and liberated album yet, and it truly shows the band in a new light. We’ve explored entirely new paths and have taken liberties we weren’t even thinking about when making the preceding albums.

We recorded at the amazing RecPublica studios in the szenic village of Lubrza, Poland. There, we spent four days making our vision of this album a reality in a studio complex that is truly a musicians dream come true! Engineer Łukasz Olejarczyk was an absolute joy to work with and is definitely a big part of why the album turned out the way it did.

What I’m incredibly happy about is that we got the incredible Saxophonist Sebastian Gille to join us on quite a few songs. His unique playing and tone truly make this album something unique and captivating.

Special thanks also go to German jazz heavyweight Wolfgang Lackerschmid who joined us in the studio as co-producer and contributed greatly to having the session run smoothly.

Please guys, I would really appreciate if you could give this record a listen! I’m excited to hear what you think of it!

It’s available on every online outlet from Apple Music and Spotify to Amazon and Google Play Music as well as in record stores throughout Europe.


April 1st: loos. extended live @ Jazz Club Minden

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No April fools here. On April 1st I’ll be performing at the very club where I went to my first jazz session back when I was 14 – The Jazz Club in Minden.

I’ll be performing there alongside Franziska Loos in her projects “loos. extended” (loos + horn section) and the quintet “loos.” for two sets filled with jazz, r’n’b, and sound experiments.

Be there, don’t be square 😉

London Bass Guitar Show 2017, the recap!

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This weekend has been tons of fun!

I’ve been at the London Bass Guitar Show as Rheingold-Music‘s product manager and as an artist, and what a show it was! We’ve been having a lot of great bass players come over to our booth and check out our products, and I also filmed interviews for Bass Guitar Magazine, and the one and only Antelope Audio.

Check out the video of some awesome bass players playing my Rheingold rig and stay tuned for the upcoming interview videos!

The Antelope Audio “After Party”

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Antelope Audio have put together some great video content and photos from their booth at NAMM 2017. Check out what they’ve compiled right here and browse through photos as well as video interviews with Greg Wells, Brian Vibberts, Danny Leake and Chris James where they talk about Antelope’s amazing products and technologies.

NAMM 2017 recap

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It has been a while since the 2017 NAMM Show came to a close so I found it fitting to write something about the experience.

Like last year, this year’s show has been full of great encounters with old friends, colleagues and partners from all over the world. I also made a bunch of new friends and got to perform on various fun occasions.

Among those was demoing for my new partner-company Antelope Audio from Bulgaria together with guitarist Pritesh Walia. These guys a truly shaking up the pro-audio industry with their incredible interfaces, converters and studio master clocks that come at a very competitive price. Their new Zen Tour interface (which I also call my own now) is the prime choice for anyone looking for the ultimate on-the-go interface. The connectivity options, sound quality, flexibility, latency and expandability are all stellar and it can accommodate the most diverse recording situations both at home or on the go. Check out my “About Antelope Audio” section on the “Gear” page!

My absolute highlight every year however, is playing for my luthier of choice – Paul Lairat. His lineup of instruments this year was absolutely stunning and more diverse than ever… and, joy of joys, among them was also my brand new “Gabriella S” bass – my first ever six string bass and an incredible one at that. New videos with this bass are soon to follow!

Another fun booth to be at was Singular Sound, makers of the Beatbuddy pedal-drum-machine. Besides being super welcoming and having a slew of great artists frequenting the booth, they also provided great coffee 😉  If you haven’t checked out the BeatBuddy yet, you should head right on over to! It is an incredible tool for practicing and solo/duo performances and is fully customizable as well!

A big thank you goes out to all the people who stopped by the Paul Lairat booth and elsewhere to say hi and have a chat! I greatly appreciate all of you.

I’m already excited for next years show but until then there is an exciting year that lies ahead! More on that soon 😉


NAMM 2017 starts tomorrow!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to post a quick heads up on the upcoming 2017 NAMM Show and my whereabouts at the show.

You will be able to find me at the following booths for most of the show:

Paul Lairat Guitars & Basses // HALL E, Booth 1390

Singular Sound BeatBuddy // HALL D, Booth 2896

On Thursday and Sunday, I will be performing at the Antelope Audio booth (HALL A // Booth 6596) together with the outstanding Pritesh Walia on guitar. I will also be talking about Antelope’s gear and answer questions.

If  you are coming to the show, be sure to stop by one of these locations and say hi! 😉

Gabriella is here.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure for me to introduce to you the newest member of my bass-family: Gabriella!
She is another stunning creation by my luthier of choice and partner in crime Paul Lairat, my first six string bass and also the first ever six string “Gabriella S” model thus far.
She has a wengé top, mahogany body, maple fretboard and Paul’s signature 11 piece (maple, walnut, mahogany, wenge) neck.
I can’t wait to see and play this instrument for the first time at the upcoming NAMM Show! I’m already madly in love with it!

More infos on this bass will appear in the “Gear” section once I’ve will have her at home with me in early February!