Past Projects

Zander & The Revival

Hip Hop Storytelling Meets 13-Piece Big Band

In late 2015, I joined the 13-piece band of Boston-based rapper and singer Zander LaScala while studying at Berklee College of Music. As a skilled lyricist and producer, Zander provided the songs and the ensemble as a whole provided the arrangements for the live performances and studio recordings.

Zander and the Revival were also hired to star in an ad campaign for the new Digital Audio Workstation software SoundBridge developed by the Boston-based startup of the same name.

With Zander and the Revival, I performed a couple of shows in Boston and was part of the recording session and video shoot for the SoundBridge "Rise Up" campaign.

Natalia Mateo

Modern Jazz infused with Polish Folk Music and Pop

Back in 2011, when I just got into music college, Natalia and I met in one of our ensemble classes and had been making music together ever since.

In 2013, Fabian Ristau (Drums), Simon Grote (Piano), Gregor Lener (Trumpet), Dany Ahmad (Guitar), and myself formed the band around Natalia's mesmerizing voice.

Soon, our first and self-produced album "You" was ready and it was released in September of 2013. It was this album that caught the attention of the record label ACT Music, one of Europe's prolific Jazz labels.


After signing the deal with ACT, two more studio albums followed suit in the 3 following years: Heart of Darkness (2015) and De Profundis (2017).

In 2016, Natalia won the prestigious Echo Jazz in the category "Best Newcomer". She was also nominated for the award of "Best Singer (National)".

"Jazz blossoms with deep roots"
- Norbert Krampf, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
"Here comes a singer who defies categorization, who doesn’t want to sing the usual standards because 'everything has been said'"
- Matthias Kirsch, GinaLovesJazz
"She sings from the heart, with her strong and versatile voice, and seems completely authentic in her approach."
- James Poore, MusicWeb International

loos. extended

Large Ensemble Vocal Jazz

This project spawned from the band loos. which originally started out as a quintet (vocals, piano, saxophone, bass, drums). Saxophonist and prolific arranger Vincent Dombrowski initially provided the arrangements that would turn this quintet into a 9-piece ensemble.

Musically, loos. extended draws from Contemporary Vocall Jazz, Soul, and Pop, and the repertoire skilfully merges minimalism and intricate, complex arrangements. From moody and mellow to experimental and sometimes even shocking, loos. extended navigates a broad spectrum of musical expression.

Lyrically, Franziska Loos uses motifs from the life and struggles of millennials in this day and age which fittingly led to the second EP of the ensemble to be called #generationanything.

Sideman Releases (excerpt)