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Rheingold Music is a small manufacturer of high-class gear based in Duisburg (Germany) with the highest possible quality of signal reproduction as its leading principle.

Rheingold crafts high-class cables (instrument, microphones, AV, etc.), all-tube bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, bass pickups, and active preamps by hand using only the finest components available.

What results are products that redefine the meaning of sonic transparency, definition, clarity, and punch. What you play is what you hear and none of your instrument's potential will remain untapped.

Since 2017, I am serving as Rheingold-Music's product manager and public relations executive and have since been contributing to all areas of the manufacturers business from designing products to marketing them.

Rheingold's products are continuing to receive rave reviews by working professional musicians from all over the world and the company is currently working on expanding its distributor network globally.


Back in 2012, I was looking for a new bass that would spark his imagination and allow him to form his own, unique tone. Upon first trying out one of Paul Lairat's at the Frankfurt Musikmesse I literally experienced true "love at first pluck".

Quickly after said trade show, we decided to work together and thus, I picked my very own "Stega" bass from Paul's workshop in August of that year. In 2017, Paul built a six string version of his then brand new Gabriella-S bass for me.

It is Paul's incredible attention to detail, unique level of craftsmanship, and his unique feel for how an instrument should play and feel that make his instruments stand out from all the other basses. His designs and wood choices dare to be different, and the resulting tone and playability are a true manifest of his genius.


High quality basses with exquisit components don't need to cost a fortune. In fact, Flexx Basses proves just how great a bass for under 1.000€ can be.

Their classically styled basses are sporting hand-wound BassCulture pickups, wilkinson bridges with brass saddles, German-made Schaller tuners, genuine US-made CTS pots and internal wiring by Rheingold Music.

The bodies and necks are made in Spain and the fretboard, finishing, and final assembly are all happening in Germany.

All these parts combined make for basses that simply sound stunning. Their dynamic range is incredible and there is no humming or buzzing whatsoever.

For studio sessions where my clients demand classic J- or P-Bass tones, these basses can deliver that in spades.


Pushing the boundaries of pro studio technology is what Antelope Audio are best at. Their audio interfaces, converters, studio master clocks, modelling microphones, and preamps are delivering stellar specs, incredible tonal definition, and features unheard of in their price range.

Using some of the best converter chips available today, their interfaces and converters boast incredible dynamic range (up to 134 dB weighted), some of the lowest latency in the industry (down to 0.4ms), as well as tremendously low distortion and market leading signal-to-noise ratios.

To add to that, their innovative control panel software allows the user to route every input and output on their interface to whichever input or output they want making Antelope products a uniquely flexible solution for small and big studios alike.

Thanks to FPGA technology, Antelope's interfaces also provide real-time simulations of vintage EQs, Compressors, Mic Preamps, Reverb, and more which can be utilised for mixing, mastering, monitoring, and tracking without any latency.

Inside the FPGA chips, which consist of thousands of microscopic processing units, these modelled recreations of traditional hardware are being simulated with each of the FPGA's Logic Blocks (that's what the tiny processors inside FPGAs are called) modelling a specific analog component that is part of the real units circuitry. This complex and unique approach to physical modelling means that Antelope have created some of the most musical sounding plugins out there!