On Stage

Ever since he was 13, Chris has been performing on stage regularly. At 25 years of age, he performed close to 500 concerts in Europe and the US.

Chris actively performed with ACT Music recording artist and ECHO JAZZ 2016 winner Natalia Mateo from 2012 till 2017. In that time, he recorded and produced 3 studio albums with the band, two of which were released globally on ACT.

Other artists he performed with include Italian drum prodigy and Universal Jazz artist Gianluca Pellerito, rapper and 13-piece-band-leader Zander LaScala, Niels Klein (Heavytones), Heiner Schmitz, and many more.

A regular at music conventions like the annual NAMM Show and Frankfurt Musikmesse, Chris has performed for a multitude of international brands with famed collaborators such as Or Lubianiker, Hadrien Feraud, Etienne Mbappé, Swaeli Mbappé, Pritesh Walia, Yolanda Charles, and many, many others.


In the Studio


With an ever present passion for recording and having assembled his own studio over the years, Chris managed to learn the ins and outs of what it means to be a session musician.

Years of studio experience allow him to immediately know his way around any studio - no matter how big or small - and make sure that his clients will always get the right bass line with the perfect tone and feel to match their production.

With an array of world class instruments and recording gear, Chris is also able to deliver bass tracks recorded professionally in his very own studio to remote clients all over the world.

On the Faders

Having grown up producing and recording music since he was 11 years old, recorded music has always been a passion for Chris. Throughout the following decade, he was able to sharpen his recording and producing skills by recording dozens of bands and artists - first from his high school, then from all across the region of Niedersachsen (Germany).

In 2011, he founded his own company Timbre Recording Studios around his studio and has been recording and producing artists professionally and regularly ever since.

By 2018, Chris has recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered over 50 albums from Rock to Hip Hop to Classical music and has worked on productions from one musician to a 50-piece-orchestra.


Behind the Gear


Musical instruments and gear have been a passion for Chris from when he first picked up an instrument. By now, he is representing a global array of world-class companies through endorsements, demonstrations, and advertisements.

He believes that instrument makers and equipment manufacturers should create tools that truly augment a musicians' musicianship and unlock the true potential of any instrument.

This is the exact philosophy that stands behind the small German amplifier, cable, and speaker manufacturer Rheingold Music from Duisburg. Upon first meeting the team in 2013, a strong friendship sparked between them and Chris and they have been working together ever since.

It was only natural then, that in 2017, Chris was officially appointed as Rheingold's Product Manager and Public Relations executive.


Christopher Bolte is a young Bassist born in the region of Niedersachsen – Germany and currently based in the region of Hannover who has dedicated his life to the performing, composing and recording of music.

Chris studied Jazz at the Institut für Musik in Osnabrück Germany as well as Music Production and Electric Bass Performance with a generous scholarship at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Among his teachers were many bass heavyweights including the late Victor Bailey, Victor Wooten, Oscar Stagnaro, John Patitucci, Lincoln Goines, Joe Santerre and many others.

Christopher Bolte at Berklee with Joe Santerre and Victor Wooten

At Berklee with Joe Santerre and Victor Wooten

He feels at home in almost any style of music one can think of and has worked with dozens of musicians of all varieties. His playing style, distinctive tone as well as his very diverse technique know no boundaries and let the Bass speak in a unique way.

In his hands, the Bass can become a universal Instrument that is capable of so much more than just accompanying other players. He is more than “just” a Bassist, he is a musician in the truest sense of the word.

Born in Bückeburg – Germany in 1992, Christopher started making music at the age of 4 and had his first music lessons (including musical pre-school and Keyboard lessons) at 5 years of age. Soon, inspired by the opus “Picturs at an Exhibition” by late romantic composer Modest Mussorgsky, he realised that he wanted to compose his own music and began aspiring to be a professional musician as early as age 11.

He then picked up and learned to play the Drums and the Guitar until he found his main instrument: The Electric Bass which he started playing at 14. Since then, a lot has changed. Over 400 concerts with crowds counting up to several thousands of people, endorsement deals with 9 international music equipment companies and a substantial scholarship at Berklee College of Music that enabled him to study with some of the industries leading professionals.

The team behind Natalia Mateo's "De Profundis"

From making Natalia Mateo’s “De Profundis”

One of the most notable projects that Chris has recorded and toured with is Polish singer Natalia Mateo whose second album “Heart of Darkness” was released in March 2015 on the world renowned European Jazz label ACT Music + Vision and won the 2016 ECHO JAZZ award in the category “Best Newcomer”. They went on to create a total of 3 studio albums together where Chris not only played bass acted as producer and editor as well.

In 2014, Chris was awarded the German Rock & Pop Award as “Best Bassist of 2014” presented by the German Rock & Pop Foundation.

Now, in the spring of 2018, Chris has just released his debut solo album “The Push” to the global public. This album showcases his prowess not only as a bass player, but as a producer and multi-instrumentalist as well, and serves a an impressive manifesto to his new artistic direction.




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