The New Amp Is Here!

Rheingold-Music B100 Christopher Bolte

So just a couple of days ago I was fortunate enough to pick up my very own Rheingold-Music B100 bass amp along with the BA12 1×12″ and BA20 2×10″ cabinets in WHITE and I just feel incredibly privileged to finally call the amp of my dreams my own!

Rheingold-Music is a very small company from Duisburg Germany that puts incredible care and attention to detail into handcrafting their tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Only the finest components find their way into the final product and it definitely shows in the way these amps manage to project my bass sound into the air and respond to every single nuance of my playing.

The dynamic range, sonic detail, frequency response, impulse accuracy and sheer headroom are simply stunning and you feel like every single bass you plug in simply comes alive! On top of that the wide dispersion characteristics of the cabinets allow the bass to be heard almost everywhere on stage and in the room with equal presence and definition. You don’t even need to use the EQ at all because your tone can be shaped in all directions just by using your fingers – and if you choose to use it the 3 EQ bands are set at very musical frequencies and make adjusting your tone to the acoustic conditions in a given room a breeze.

This is the first amp that gives me the feeling that it projects absolutely EVERYTHING I play and is thus the first amp that I feel will help me grow further as a musician – playing live and practicing with this amp feel entirely different than it did before and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Thank you so much Jürgen Weidner for making this incredible piece of art, bass playing will never be the same for me!

I strongly urge all of you to visit CustomMusicShop and try one of these amps out if you ever happen to be close to Duisburg! It’ll completely change the way you thin about bass amplification!