Taurus FX Pedal demos BEST OF

Hey guys, did you know that a while back I recorded the audio demos for some killin’ stomp boxes by the Polish company┬áTaurus Amplification?

I tried to make these demos a little different from what you usually get… Have a listen to some of the stuff I came up with for their “Dexter Mk-II” Polyphonic Octaver and “Vechoor” Chorus ­čÖé

Oh and in case you’re wondering, these are the basses I used:

Sample 1: Paul Lairat Stega, Sample 2: Flexx Basses Jacob 4, Sample 3 & 4: Flexx Basses Jacob 4 Fretless, Sample 5 & 6: Paul Lairat Stega, Sample 7: Flexx Basses Peter 4 (Bass and “Rhythm Guitar”) & Paul Lairat Stega (Lead)