“Heart of Darkness” is out NOW!!!

Joy of joys! The day has finally come and our newest album “Heart of Darkness” finally hits the store shelves globally! Making this album has been a great experience and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! Being able to release this album on the world famous label ACT Music is an incredible privilege that we certainly didn’t expect to receive so early in this project’s existence. It’s really a great feeling to see our collective labour carry such beautiful fruit and it’s incredible that we’re able to reach an international audience with …

“Heart of Darkness” is Bird Land Magazine’s CD of the month!

The French web radio “W3 Blues Radio” has just announced the upcoming Natalia Mateo Album “Heart of Darkness” to be CD of the month in their “Birdland Magazine”! There are just 5 days left until “Heart of Darkness” will be released globally and you can already pre-order the album on iTunes and receive 2 tracks right away! You can check out their station here!

Just one more week…

… until the second Natalia Mateo album “Heart of Darkness” will be released on ACT Music worldwide which is as good time as any to recap all that’s happened with this band. It’s still crazy to think that all this started only two years ago. We started from scratch with no material and managed to write and record 2 albums in just 2 years time. Work on  the songs on “You” started in spring ’13, release was on September 29th (we also did the production and the artwork ourselves) Focussed work on new material for “Heart of Darkness” started in early …

This Friday: Natalia Mateo live in Frankfurt!

After a wonderful concert in Berlin we continue our “Heart of Darkness” tour with Natalia Mateo to another location we already had the joy of playing at last year… “Die Fabrik” in Frankfurt! Excited! Just 10 days left till the release of “Heart of Darkness”! Click here to pre-order it on iTunes and to receive 2 songs right away!

Next weekend: Natalia Mateo live in Berlin!

It’s finally time to get back on the road with Natalia Mateo and we’re starting our tour for the upcoming album “Heart of Darkness” at the lovely club “B-Flat” in Berlin! Be sure to join us if you’re around! 😉 More info about time & admission: http://b-flat-berlin.de/h/index_termin.php?id=1450 To pre-order our upcoming album on iTunes and receive 2 tracks right away just click here.