My Album Drops May 20.

It’s finally time. My first solo album will be dropping next Sunday, May 20th. Making this record has meant a lot to me and I can’t wait to finally share it with you. “The Push” is an honest and true expression of my feelings and thoughts and was inspired by the emotional rollercoaster ride I went through in the last two years. Learn more here. Now available for pre-ordering on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music or Pre-Save on Spotify so that it’ll automatically be added to your library as soon as it goes live!   Love you guys, -Chris

Gathering – An Album Celebrating Diversity and Peace

In the fall of 2017, my good friend and amazing singer Tabea Mangelsdorff who is known for participating in and initiating projects uniting musicians from all over the world invited me to be part of her latest project: The Ikatar Ensemble – a true melting pot of Brazilian, Syrian, Balkan, Western European music. The band consisted of three members of the Brazilian group and social project Poesia Samba Soul from Sao Paulo: Claudio Miranda (Guitar, Cavaco, Vox), Hellem Fernandes (Vox, Percussion), and Paulinho Torres (Drums, Vox, Percussion). Maher Jarer, well known in Syria for his virtuosity, played the Ney (sometimes referred to as Persian flute) …

Newsletter signup now open!

I know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this website. This is mostly because I have been and still am working on a couple of projects that you’ll soon get to see and hear! So, in order to keep you guys up to date I’ve finally set up my very own newsletter! Don’t worry though, I won’t be spamming you – I just wanted to create a way of reaching people more easily if they’re interested in me and my music. So, if you want to be updated about my work, events, and any other news …

NAMM 2018 is coming!

It’s that time of the year again that music equipment manufacturers and musicians from all over the world come together in this crazy micro-universe that is the NAMM Show in Anaheim – California. And, much like the last couple of years, I will be there for my luthier of choice, Paul Lairat (Booth 4933), and performing for GruvGear (Booth 6351) with the amazing guitarist Pritesh Walia on Sunday at 4:30 PM. For Paul, I will be demoing instruments throughout the entire show and you’ll also be able to catch me at the SingularSound, and Antelope Audio booths. Hope to see you there!

Time for the Senior Recital

The time has come and I am finally concluding my studies of the electric bass in Osnabrück with my senior recital on the 22nd of June. I’m going to play with two of my long-time collaborators from college: Dany Ahmad (Guitar), and Daniel Guerrero (Drums). It’s gonna be a mixture of fusion, jazz, and latin fuelled with plenty of low-end. I’d love if you could stop by if you happen to be near Osnabrück!