“Dirt” by BØLT

https://open.spotify.com/track/3QCWC2YKKLu2wh27RSeLbp?si=1lo0WO5rSZOHpZa_4EOOHQ In case you haven't listened to the latest BØLT single yet, you can check it out here and find it on other music outlets by clicking this link.

BØLT x Gracie’s

Throughout 2019, the Somerville-based artisanal ice cream shop Gracie’s will tell you the story of an evolving relationship between lovers – from beginning to end… And it will be told through little stories, ice cream flavors, recipes from some local Somerville eateries and cocktail bars, visual art, and music! For chapter II, titled “I’m shy and I have a crush on you“, I produced this little lo-fi jam fittingly titled “Butterflies“. You can listen to it on all online music outlets including Spotify and Soundcloud! Read the story and see all the submissions here: www.IceCreamMixtape.com

NAMM 2019

Another year, another NAMM Show! As January of the new year is already coming to an end, the 2019 NAMM show is just around the corner and I’m beyond excited for another show full of great gear and amazing people! I’m especially excited because this year is the first year that me and my wife won’t have to fly in from separate parts of the world to attend the show together 🙂 As always, I will be representing the outstanding French luthier Paul Lairat, this time at Booth 5480 in Hall D. If you happen to be there, be sure to …

Noçon & Feick

The first single by the BØLT-produced singer-songwriter duo is out. Frizz Feick and Rene Noçon have been a mainstay of the music scene in my hometown of Bueckeburg Germany for a while. Now, me – aka BØLT – and them have teamed up for a new project: Noçon & Feick. This duo blends Feick’s prolific songwriting and Noçon’s captivating voice with a more experimental approach to pop music production courtesy of yours truly. I hope you enjoy this little single and get to spend some quality time around family and your loved ones this holiday. Be sure to follow BØLT …

Introducing BØLT.

So, there has been a bit of radio silence surrounding me in the recent couple of months. Since releasing “The Push”, I have moved to Boston, Sarah and I have moved to a new apartment, I’ve set up my new studio space, traveled for a bit… and I have spent a lot of time doing what I love just as much as bass playing: Producing music and making beats. So, what lead to my album in the first place has now inspired me to work on new material under a new moniker: BØLT. The name “BØLT” stems from the way …

Just Married.

Pardon the radio silence for the last couple of weeks! As some of you might have noticed by my posts on social media, I have just gotten married to my wonderful fiancé, Sarah. Naturally, we took some days off of social media so we can fully embrace this wonderful occasion and spend some valuable time with each other. More content will be coming soon!