NAMM 2017 recap

It has been a while since the 2017 NAMM Show came to a close so I found it fitting to write something about the experience.

Like last year, this year’s show has been full of great encounters with old friends, colleagues and partners from all over the world. I also made a bunch of new friends and got to perform on various fun occasions.

Among those was demoing for my new partner-company Antelope Audio from Bulgaria together with guitarist Pritesh Walia. These guys a truly shaking up the pro-audio industry with their incredible interfaces, converters and studio master clocks that come at a very competitive price. Their new Zen Tour interface (which I also call my own now) is the prime choice for anyone looking for the ultimate on-the-go interface. The connectivity options, sound quality, flexibility, latency and expandability are all stellar and it can accommodate the most diverse recording situations both at home or on the go. Check out my “About Antelope Audio” section on the “Gear” page!

My absolute highlight every year however, is playing for my luthier of choice – Paul Lairat. His lineup of instruments this year was absolutely stunning and more diverse than ever… and, joy of joys, among them was also my brand new “Gabriella S” bass – my first ever six string bass and an incredible one at that. New videos with this bass are soon to follow!

Another fun booth to be at was Singular Sound, makers of the Beatbuddy pedal-drum-machine. Besides being super welcoming and having a slew of great artists frequenting the booth, they also provided great coffee 😉  If you haven’t checked out the BeatBuddy yet, you should head right on over to! It is an incredible tool for practicing and solo/duo performances and is fully customizable as well!

A big thank you goes out to all the people who stopped by the Paul Lairat booth and elsewhere to say hi and have a chat! I greatly appreciate all of you.

I’m already excited for next years show but until then there is an exciting year that lies ahead! More on that soon 😉