Musikmesse 2015: The recap.

2015 is a very special year for me in a lot of ways. Mainly this is because so many of the circumstances I am in have changed drastically so it was interesting to also see the Musikmesse having changed quite a lot as well from what I experienced last year. Everything was smaller and there where loads of unrented space which made it clear that the Musikmesse as we knew it would never be what it was a couple of years ago.

These circumstances however didn’t change the experience for the worse. In fact the people at this year’s “Messe” were just as welcoming and upbeat as I had remembered it and once again I made new friends and had a blast chatting and jamming with the people I met there the years before.

It has been great to have Paul Lairat around again and to support him as a player showing his incredible basses to the people and exchanging ideas and plans for the future. I also made friends with the extremely welcoming guys at IQS Strings from Italy with whom I had awesome jams, gear and non-gear related talks and overall a great time.

Even though the Musikmesse will be going through a lot of changes it still remains one of my most anticipated events of the year. Not because of the products but because the people, the family that makes each “Messe” a memorable experience.

Special thanks go to: Paul Lairat and Gregory Nicolas, Zsolt Varadi, the whole IQS Strings crew (who had incredible Espresso by the way) with Donato Zaccagnini, Michelangelo Brandimarte, Andrea Zaccari and Luca Renzani, Alex Lofoco, Mischa Marcks, Timo Kahl and Felix Roch, Gerald and the whole Marleaux team for their yearly after show party, the CMS team who spontaneously decided to stop by, GruvGear, the whole hall 4 Trius team, Jay-Tee Teterissa, Oliver Lang, Adrian Maruszczyk and all the other artists and visitors who made this event yet another great experience!

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