Introducing BØLT.

So, there has been a bit of radio silence surrounding me in the recent couple of months. Since releasing “The Push”, I have moved to Boston, Sarah and I have moved to a new apartment, I’ve set up my new studio space, traveled for a bit… and I have spent a lot of time doing what I love just as much as bass playing: Producing music and making beats.

So, what lead to my album in the first place has now inspired me to work on new material under a new moniker: BØLT.

The name “BØLT” stems from the way Americans like to pronounce my last name – something I have increasingly grown to love.

A first example of what I’m doing can be heard right here, in this remix I made for Pop artist Kiiara as part of a remix competition on SkioMusic:


So, what does all this mean?

I wanted to make a clear distinction between the different musical avenues I’m pursuing. BØLT represents my identity as a producer making electronic music, hip hop and more with a keen passion for mellow sounds, melancholic songwriting and slow tempos.

Please check out my IG @bolt.wav and follow the new BØLT Facebook Page.