“Heart of Darkness” is out NOW!!!

Joy of joys! The day has finally come and our newest album “Heart of Darkness” finally hits the store shelves globally! Making this album has been a great experience and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! Being able to release this album on the world famous label ACT Music is an incredible privilege that we certainly didn’t expect to receive so early in this project’s existence. It’s really a great feeling to see our collective labour carry such beautiful fruit and it’s incredible that we’re able to reach an international audience with this album.

Please feel free to tell us what you think of the album and leave a review if you happen to buy it on iTunes or Amazon!

Below you’ll find a little assortment of retailers who are carrying our album as well as some more reading and listening material if you want to know more about our album and what happened behind the scenes 😉

Ways to get the album…

 Order it directly from ACT Music – GermanInternational

 Get the digital version on iTunes (Includes digital booklet)

 Amazon mp3 / Retail

 24 Bit High-Res version from qobuz

 International CD retailer JPC

Listen to it on Spotify

…or get it from any other popular media retailer (Media Markt, Saturn, etc.), book shop (Weltbild, Thalia, etc.) and most other shops that sell CDs around the globe!

 Availability of digital High-Res versions depends on the country you live in. Just do a search for this album on your preferred place to obtain music and you’ll almost certainly find it there 😉


Something more to read…

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 Official Natalia Mateo homepage

 Natalia on ACTMusic.com German / English

Something to listen to…

 RBB Radio Interview (German)

 Video: Strange Fruit


 Our first album “You” on iTunes