Gathering – An Album Celebrating Diversity and Peace

In the fall of 2017, my good friend and amazing singer Tabea Mangelsdorff who is known for participating in and initiating projects uniting musicians from all over the world invited me to be part of her latest project: The Ikatar Ensemble – a true melting pot of Brazilian, Syrian, Balkan, Western European music.

The band consisted of three members of the Brazilian group and social project Poesia Samba Soul from Sao Paulo: Claudio Miranda (Guitar, Cavaco, Vox), Hellem Fernandes (Vox, Percussion), and Paulinho Torres (Drums, Vox, Percussion). Maher Jarer, well known in Syria for his virtuosity, played the Ney (sometimes referred to as Persian flute) and added a wonderfully unique timbre to the music. Slava Pankov, a Belarusian virtuoso who navigates between the two very different worlds of playing the violin in both the Belarusian philharmonic and on the streets of Germany as a busker, brought his unique slavic touch to the material. Drummer Samuel Gawlowski studies Jazz in Osnabruck at the moment and added influences from pop and jazz.

After a couple weeks of rehearsals and a few concerts, we sat down in the studio to capture our musical journey in this recording. “Gathering” playfully intertwines influences from our individual musical and cultures backgrounds into a collection of songs that celebrates peace, curiosity, diversity, and friendship.

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Song Credits:

Kan el Zaman – adaptation of original Fairuz song
Catamaram – written by Elo Martins
Muhler Universal – written by Woody Oliveira
Kupalinka – adaptation of Belarusian folksong
Eltuba – adaptaion of original by Abdel Halim Hafez
Papa Com Noel and Traga a Tua Viola – written by Israel and Claudio Miranda
Tabea’s Melodia – written by Tabea Mangelsdorf
Der Mond – adaptation of German folksong, produced by Christian Grothe