Friday, the 1st of June 2018 will be the day that I leave my old life behind.

This step was 11 months in the making. 11 months since I applied for a K-1 visa that would allow me to immigrate into the United States and marry the love of my life, Sarah. After this long and testing time, the day has finally come. I will leave Germany for good on June 1st.

When I first came to Boston in the summer of 2015, it immediately felt like home to me... however, back then I would've never  expected to meet my future wife there. After my stay at Berklee College of Music, coming back home to Germany felt like quite the rough awakening and I immediately realized that all I really wanted was to go back. Back to Sarah, back to Boston.

Now, I can't wait to final make the departure and pursue my career to the fullest extent. No more waiting, no more holding back.