An Interview with Small Operations

With “voyager”, my debut album as BØLT finally released, I had the awesome opportunity to talk to Andrew of the Small Operations podcast about the teenage engineering OP-Z, my workflow, and tons of other stuff about synths and music-production. Be sure to check out all the other amazing episodes and consider backing Small Operations on Patreon!

voyager is live

my first album as BØLT is finally out.voyager features 11 tracks entirely created on two palm-sized devices:the OP-Z and PO-33 K.O! by swedish manufacturer teenage engineering. voyager is somewhere between a beat tape and electronica record and fuses spacey synths with urban grit and laid-back swagger in an exploratory musical journey. it also marks the first part of a two-part journey, the latter part following soon.

First BØLT album drops Nov. 1st.

BØLT - voyager

It’s finally time for the first BØLT album!“Voyager” marks a new chapter for me as a musician as my way of creating music has completely changed in the last couple of months  The album was made entirely on two devices: The OP-Z and the PO-33, both made by teenage engineering, and both fit within the palm of your hand. It’s exploratory, eclectic, and daring, showcasing what the moniker BØLT is all about. Musically, “voyager” sits somewhere between a beat tape and an electronica record, and I’m beyond excited to share this music with you.

BØLT x Gracie’s

Throughout 2019, the Somerville-based artisanal ice cream shop Gracie’s will tell you the story of an evolving relationship between lovers – from beginning to end… And it will be told through little stories, ice cream flavors, recipes from some local Somerville eateries and cocktail bars, visual art, and music! For chapter II, titled “I’m shy and I have a crush on you“, I produced this little lo-fi jam fittingly titled “Butterflies“. You can listen to it on all online music outlets including Spotify and Soundcloud! Read the story and see all the submissions here:

Noçon & Feick

The first single by the BØLT-produced singer-songwriter duo is out. Frizz Feick and Rene Noçon have been a mainstay of the music scene in my hometown of Bueckeburg Germany for a while. Now, me – aka BØLT – and them have teamed up for a new project: Noçon & Feick. This duo blends Feick’s prolific songwriting and Noçon’s captivating voice with a more experimental approach to pop music production courtesy of yours truly. I hope you enjoy this little single and get to spend some quality time around family and your loved ones this holiday. Be sure to follow BØLT …

“The Push” reviewed by ShibbsterTweets

So, my good friend and colleague Ole aka ShibbsterTweets from Berlin has put together this very enjoyable and thorough review of my debut album “The Push” in the form of a detailed written post and the video below (English subtitles available!). The written review (in English) which goes into detail about all the individual tracks can be found here,and I highly recommend you read it! Haven’t downloaded or streamed the album yet? Here you go! Want to know how the album was made? Read this article detailing the making-of process of “The Push”.

Making “The Push” | Track-by-Track

My solo album “The Push” is finally live and available on all popular online music distribution and streaming services!For those of you who are interested I’m gonna to go through how each of the songs got made and which instruments I used on them. Prepare for some nerdy insights!▸Haven’t listened to the album yet? Click here!Stream or download now on…        more info…The InceptionMaking “The Push” started in the spring of 2017. The first song that came to be was “Woodshed” which was originally conceived as the background music for the Rheingold Music short “Handmade in Germany”. I …

“The Push” is Available NOW!

Oh yeah! My first solo album “The Push” is finally out! I’m super excited to finally share with you what I’ve been cooking up in my studio and really hope you’ll like it!This album puts into music all the emotional ups and downs I’ve lived through in the last two years and is an ode to moving forward; A true expression of myself; And a step in a new and artistic direction.You can learn more about the album here.How can I listen to it?STREAMINGThe album is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and even YouTube Music.For the audiophiles among …