Antelope Audio’s Studio Talks – Zen Tour

Hey guys!

Back in March of this year, I met with the guys of Antelope Audio at the London Bass Guitar show to share some thoughts about their awesome Zen Tour Thunderbolt/USB audio interface.

I’ve been using the Zen Tour for quite some time now and I’m still amazed at the quality and the amount of features they managed to put in such a small footprint. For bass players, guitarists, vocalists, or any other musicians/producers who are traveling a lot, this is just the BEST interface out there – especially considering its price point.

It offers 4 hi-Z inputs, 4 high-end mic preamps, 2 re-amp outputs, 2 discrete high-end headphone amps, 2 stereo monitor outs, 8 analog outs over D-Sub (great for mixing with outboard gear!), 2 ADAT ins and 2 ADAT outs (up to 16 extra channels!), and Antelope’s incredible FPGA chip allowing you to run vintage modelled plugins (from EQs and compressors to guitar amps) in real time without any latency!

Pair this with stellar conversion up to 192 kHz and incredible dynamic range (120dB on all ins and outs, 129 dB on the monitor outs with dedicated converters), and you have the makings of one of the hottest interfaces out there! It transcends the realm of the portable interface by providing such high-quality conversion that even surpasses most stationary solutions that come at several times the price!

Check it out!!!