An Unlikely Cameo…

The first song from my upcoming album has been featured in a rather different kind of video… See it for yourself!


V A P O R W A V E  M U C H ?

Indeed. Well, let me start from the beginning. SquirrelMonkey is a Dutch-born YouTuber located in LA who’s specializing in creating fictional advertising videos that showcase what today’s apps and social networks would have looked like had they been around 20-30 years ago.

His work has been featured on almost any popular blog and US TV station you can imagine: C|net, Huffington Post, The Verge, CNN, Comedy Central, BuzzFeed, TIME… You name it.

So, naturally, having had the chance to place my music in one of his videos was an opportunity I just had to take!

In the video “If SoundCloud was around in 1994”, my song “Commute” from my upcoming album “The Push” is being featured starting at 02:27!

I hope you’ll enjoy this brief and unusual first peek into my album!

The Push” is now available for pre-ordering on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon and will be released on May 20th! You can also pre save “The Push” on Spotify so it’ll be added to your library right when it drops!