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Welcome to Christopher Bolte's official homepage. Christopher is a critically acclaimed, Boston-based bass player, beat maker, producer, and audio engineer active in pop, hip hop, and electronica.

Musicians he played with include ACT recording artist and 2016 ECHO JAZZ winner Natalia Mateo, Italian drum prodigy and Universal Music Jazz artist Gianluca Pellerito, Niels Klein, Or Lubianiker, Hadrien Feraud, Etienne Mbappé, Yolanda Charles, Andreas Wahl and many more.

He has been studying electric bass at Berklee College of Music with teachers that include such bass heavyweights as the late Victor BaileyOscar StagnaroLincoln GoinesJohn Patitucci, and many others.

As a producer he goes by the moniker BØLT. You can find his releases, sample packs and more at

Chris is actively collaborating with


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